NU Blood Upload
NU Blood Upload
NU Blood Upload
NU Blood Upload
NU Blood Upload
NU Blood Upload
NU Blood Upload
NU Blood Upload

NU Blood Upload

Already had your blood tested as part of your regular health check?

Upload your existing blood test results, in either PDF or CSV format, and we will provide you with:

  • A comprehensive blood analysis
  • Your ‘NU age’ biological and blood age clocks
  • A personalised roadmap with food, activity + lifestyle advice to help you make informed health decisions
  • Supplement recommendations based on your results

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How it works


Complete your questionnaire

To provide tailored recommendations we need to know about you


Upload your

Upload your existing blood test


Receive personalised analysis

Your health insights, benchmarks and recommendations are bespoke to you


Define your goals + take action

Armed with a holistic picture of your well-being, you can decide which area you want to focus on first

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Your results decoded 

What will your blood biomarkers reveal?

Blood biomarkers provide extremely useful insights into your health. They measure how well certain processes and organs are functioning, and can help you make the most effective lifestyle changes to positively impact your personal health and longevity.

Your uploaded existing blood test results file will undergo a thorough analysis to generate a blood age clock, personalised health insights and recommendations.

Please see below for the list of biomarkers we recommend for a meaningful analysis and the full list of biomarkers we can currently process.

NU insights

We translate your complex blood information into personal summaries that describe the state of critical biological processes in your body and give you a holistic understanding of your health.

We know understanding health data can be overwhelming. To make it easier to digest, each insight is given a rating: strength, focus or neutral.

These ratings will help you understand which areas you are doing well in and which could do with a little attention. 

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Your NU benchmarks

These are a set of health measurements (biomarkers) in your body, such as cholesterol and glucose that give you deeper insights into your current well-being.

You receive a generic reference range for each biomarker and because The NU integrates blood biomarkers into your analysis, we additionally provide you with a personalised optimal range for these health biomarkers that are tailored to you and your results.

This optimal range will help you establish accurate benchmarks for you to proactively manage your well-being, make informed choices about your lifestyle and diet, and track your health status over time.

NU age clocks 

We all age differently and your health and well-being can be a more accurate measure of your real, biological age than the number of candles on your birthday cake.

We calculate your unique 'age clocks' using a holistic approach to deliver the most comprehensive measurement on the market of your biological age, your ‘NU Age.'

  • Blood age calculation: each one of your blood biomarkers is part of your ageing story and helps us establish your body’s real age.
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Meet your
'Digital Twin'

The NU blends 360° biological analysis with a bespoke Digital Twin concept that lives in your dashboard.

Your dashboard ‘twin’ is your primary source of information, where you can view your biological and blood age clocks, personalised health insights, optimal biomarker ranges and recommendations in detail and read helpful articles that dig into the underlying science.

NU lifestyle

Optimal health doesn't stop at knowledge, you need to take action. 

To help you on your journey to improved health, we provide you with highly personalised, science-backed recommendations, based on your unique blood biomarkers and the results of your NU questionnaire.

  • Food that helps
  • Enjoy exercise your way
  • Change your habits
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