NU DNA Upload
NU DNA Upload
NU DNA Upload
NU DNA Upload
NU DNA Upload
NU DNA Upload

NU DNA Upload

Already had your DNA tested?

Upload your existing DNA testing results* and we will provide you with:

  • A comprehensive genome analysis
  • Receive personalised food, activity and lifestyle advice to help you make informed decisions about your health
  • Supplement recommendations tailored to your unique DNA results (optional)

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How it works


Complete your questionnaire

To provide tailored recommendations we need to know about you


Upload your

Upload your existing DNA test data in either CSV or TXT format


Receive personalised analysis

Your health insights, benchmarks and recommendations are bespoke to you


Define your goals and take action

Armed with a holistic picture of your well-being, you can decide which area you want to focus on first

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Your DNA decoded

Your genome is the instruction manual for building and operating your body. Within this manual, Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are small, natural variations in your DNA code that can have subtle effects on its function, which can affect your health in the short and long term. Understanding your unique genetic profile can help you make the most of your biological potential, proactively address any potential health risks and empower you to make informed health choices.

From your saliva sample, we analyse hundreds of thousand of genetic variants to accurately determine your unique SNP profile

You will then receive detailed insights into the gene variants that affect your well-being.

Meet your
'Digital Twin'

NU blends 360° biological analysis with a bespoke Digital Twin concept that lives in your dashboard.

Your dashboard ‘twin’ is your primary source of information, where you can view your biological and blood age clocks, personalised health insights, optimal biomarker ranges and recommendations in detail, read helpful articles that dig into the underlying science.

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NU insights

We translate your complex genetic information into personal summaries that describe the state of critical biological processes in your body and give you a holistic understanding of your health.

We know understanding health data can be overwhelming. To make it easier to digest, each insight is given a rating: strength, focus or neutral. These ratings will help you understand which areas you are doing well in, and which could do with more attention. 

NU lifestyle

Optimal health doesn't stop at knowledge, you need to take action.

To help you on your journey to improved health, we provide you with highly personalised, science-backed recommendations, based on your genetic profile and the results of your NU questionnaire.

  • Food that helps
  • Enjoy exercising your way
  • Change your habits
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Using data from your existing DNA results, we create a precision blend supplement, formulated with science-backed ingredients that meets your specific biological needs.

We carefully fine-tune the dosage of each essential nutrient and then formulate your supplement into two daily servings to maximise absorption and support your circadian rhythm.