Supplements - 6M prepaid
Supplements - 6M prepaid

Supplements - 6M prepaid

  • A bespoke blend based on your biology
  • 70+ evidence-based, premium-quality ingredients
  • Vitamins, minerals + powerful longevity molecules
  • Split into AM + PM doses to optimise absorption
  • Designed to align with your health goals
  • Support your performance, cognition, immune system and sleep quality
  • 30-day supply (60 servings) delivered monthly
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1.500,00 €

Save 25%

Your supplements, tailored to you

Make your life easier with an all-in-one solution that replaces the need to take multiple vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.


NU AM is a revitalising morning routine that helps you kick-start your day.

Mix two scoops (12 g) of NU AM into a tall glass of water to awaken your senses, setting you up for a day full of energy and vitality.


NU PM supports your circadian rhythm and helps you wind down.

Dissolve two scoops (12g) of NU PM into a tall glass of water and experience the transformative benefits of good quality relaxation.

Bespoke supplements

Embark on a journey of optimal health with NU supplements.

Your unique formula is based on your most current test results and designed to align with your health goals. 

The dose of each included nutrient is perfectly tuned to your specific needs and divided into two daily servings to maximise absorption and support your circadian rhythm.


Customised wellness

Your supplement formula will change each time you retest yourself in line with your body's evolving needs.

We recommend re-testing every six months to ensure that formula is fine-tuned to your most current biological state.

Driven by science

Our supplements are designed by a team of leading nutritionists and longevity experts.

NU supplements contain only evidence-based vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and longevity molecules.

Your personal blend contains all the supplements that are effective and safe for you at the right dose to help you feel better for longer.

Supplements benefits