DNA Result Upload
DNA Result Upload
DNA Result Upload
DNA Result Upload
DNA Result Upload
DNA Result Upload

DNA Result Upload

Upload includes the processing of one DNA test result (results file from 23andme or similar)

  • Insights into 250+ gene variants impacting longevity & wellbeing
  • Biological summaries to help you make sense of your data
  • Personalised nutrition, activity, lifestyle and supplement recommendations

DNA test not included. This product requires you to have an existing DNA test and test results file.



Your Genetic Blueprint

Get valuable health and longevity focussed insights into your unique genetic makeup. Simply upload your existing results file to our secure database. This allows us to determine your unique profile of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) – natural variations in DNA building blocks with high accuracy. We grant you access to a curated list of over 250 gene variants that affect your longevity and wellbeing.


360° understanding 

Understanding your health data can be overwhelming, which is why we translate your complex genetic information into personal biological summaries.

These summaries describe the state of critical biological processes in your body, such as liver function, inflammation or cardiovascular health. To make them easily understandable and actionable, we group summaries into 3 categories: strength, focus and neutral, to act as your guide and empower you to make informed decisions about your health.

Activity, lifestyle and nutrition

Change yourself

Your journey to optimal health doesn't stop at knowledge – it extends to a deeply personalised action plan created by our AI-engine and team of experts. To help you help improve your overall wellbeing we will provide you with tailored nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on your NU questionnaire and your unique genetic profile.

  • Learn which food items work the best for you and which ones to avoid
  • Personalised exercise routine that fits your current biology
  • Handpicked lifestyle habits that can actually make the difference for you


You are safe with NU!

Privacy & Data security

Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, at NU we adhere to strict data protection standards and strive at all time to protect and secure your personal data with the use of appropriate advanced technological means.

Team of experts

Our dedicated team consists of experienced professionals in the field of healthcare and longevity sciences. Each member of our international team shares a deep passion for redefining how we approach health and ageing in the 21st century. 

Certified lab results

Our testing kits are designed to deliver reliable and certified results based on the most recent scientific evidence and guidelines. We partner with reputable and certified laboratories that adhere to strict regulatory standards.

Based on the latest research

At the NU, we stay updated with the latest scientific research in the field of longevity and healthtech. Our dynamic group of researchers is always on the lookout for new cutting-edge technologies and scientific advancements. 

Our team comes from: